Rooms of the House

Through the main entrance in the East one steps into the entrance hall. To right hand there is the 1. bath with a Persian WC next to a 2. bath.

Then comes the kitchen with a wooden ceiling, tile-works (by old master Ilia) and nourgier.

North Side (Tavestanneschin, summer residence): whole site has a basement underneath with a hoz-khaneh and mogharnas sight on the garden (baghtsche).

Andarouni (rooms in the house) ground floor
1. Room
2. Room Talar, Schahneschin, Schomine
3. Room

Second Floor
4. Room above 1.
5. Room above 3

West Side: White wall

South Side (Zemestanneschin, winter residence)
6. Room
7. Room mirror room
8. Room with passage to the 9. Rom (Orsi window)

Beneath: second bath beneath 6.
Gallery, tool shed beneath 7, lavatory beneath 8.

Second entrance (Haschti) with Dalan

East Side: whole side has a basement

Ground floor
3. bath
10. room mogharnas

Second floor
11. room loam room, Orsi window, small bedroom

Roof terrace Posht-é bam view on Masjed-e Jam-e